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Photograph: Kelly Lynn Anders.Before beginning her career in law, Kelly Lynn Anders was a journalist and film reviewer for the Omaha World-Herald. Her research focuses on social media ethics, professionalism, diversity, and film theory. She is also the author of The Organized Lawyer 2nd ed. (Carolina Academic Press, 2015). See a full list Kelly's publications and presentations.

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Learning Lawyering Skills from Classic Films

Legal skills training needn't be dry or cumbersome. With creativity and planning, it can instead be educational, memorable, and enjoyable – while also remaining comprehensive and relevant – thereby enhancing the practice of law and the legal profession as a whole. Images, be they positive or negative, are powerful and long lasting. Images of lawyers found in popular films are often our only points of reference until we meet the real thing – or assume the role ourselves.

Advocacy to Zealousness: Learning Lawyering Skills from Classic Films covers 26 legal skills, each an example of professionalism, which should ideally be in every lawyer's toolbox. Each chapter provides a discussion of a single skill and its relevance to current or future lawyers, a synopsis of the film associated with the skill, film discussion questions, and brief exercises for improvement. Interspersed throughout the text are subtle references to diversity, both in the practice of law, as well as in various film references and storylines. The format encourages readers to either methodically review each chapter in alphabetical order, or skip around as needs and interests dictate. The book concludes with a comprehensive index.

Many professors already use film clips in their classes, but, until Advocacy to Zealousness, there was no singular point of reference for films selected solely for the purpose of fostering and sharpening lawyering skills.

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